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Mlily Bamboo + Super King Size Mattress


The Mlily Bamboo Memory Series is part of the incredible collection of mattresses which Mlily offer. Bamboo Charcoal is infused into Mlily’s premium Comfort Memory Foam for a healthier, more complete nights sleep. This mattress boasts an impressive specification for the price and is an ideal option for those wishing to purchase a memory foam mattress with cooling technology.

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Bamboo+ Layers

1. Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam. Our Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam is aerodynamically designed to create a layer that regulates moisture, odour and temperature all whilst adapting to your body’s micro pressure points. The result: a healthier sleep and a better you. 2 cm

2. Flex Comfort Foam. We’ve added an additional layer of supple comfort with our Flex Comfort Memory Foam. 3 cm

3. 800 Pocket Springs. 800 of our custom Pocket Springs line the core to bring out the performance of this mattress. 14 cm

4. Aero-Flex Support Border. Our aerodynamically designed border is fitted for enhanced breathability. It’s built with specially mounted F joints to keep support even, from the centre to the very edges of your mattress for a corner to corner support.

5. Core Support Foam. A base layer of our Core Support Foam provides added support, ensuring you get the deeper, recovery-enhancing sleep you need to awake refreshed. 4 cm

  • Reinforced Mattress Edges
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pressure Relief
  • Rolled up
  • Pocket Springs
  • Reflex Foam
  • Memory Foam

Dimensions: 180 x 200 cm


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Approx 1 – 2  Weeks

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