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Archer Office Chair-Grey


Effortlessly enhance your office setting with the Archer Office Chair, a sleek and modern addition that seamlessly integrates into any workspace. Boasting a slightly curved grey mesh back, this chair ensures optimal support and breathability, enhancing comfort during extended work hours. Its ergonomic design, complete with an adjustable height and tilt mechanism, promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue. The grey starbase structure, equipped with five smooth coasters, offers stability and easy mobility. A soft-touch upholstered seat with a sloping front alleviates pressure on the back of the legs, creating a perfect balance for a comfortable and productive office environment.

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 A sleek and modern addition that fits in any workspace.

• Offers optimal support and breathability, with a curved grey mesh back for comfort.

• Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue with ergonomic design, including adjustable height and tilt mechanism.

• Ensures stability and easy mobility with a grey starbase structure and five smooth coasters.

• Enhances comfort and productivity with a flip-up armrest and a soft-touch upholstered seat featuring a sloping front to alleviate leg pressure.

Dimensions : 63.5cm D x 67cm W x 118cm H

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Approx 2 weeks

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